Walgreens: Free Snickers Nutcracker Singles until 12/12

There is a deal at Walgreens this week on Snickers Nutcracker Singles.  They are on sale 3/$1.  There is a coupon out for $2/3 Mars Holiday products in the 12/5 Red Plum that it works for.  You can buy 6 Snickers Nutcracker Singles and get them all for free!!

I had a hard time finding these candies, but they were right next to the Russell Stover individually wrapped candies.  I’ll post a picture as soon as I can.  Also, I made the mistake of buying 9 of the Snickers (since thats all they had left) and the second coupon did not go through.  I dont like to make a stink about coupons, so I didnt say anything but just beware buy 6 of them and it shouldn’t beep since the cost is $2. 

I just had to share this deal with you because it involved a Red Plum coupon.  I love those coupons because I get them for free in the mail!  Plus, since I live in an apartment complex, the mail trash bin is usually filled with the ones people dont want and have thrown out.  Needless to say, I have several copies of all Red Plum and P&G coupon inserts!!

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