Search and Win Sites Review Template

I want to create a template which I can use to review all of these search and win sites.   I’ve decided to break up the review in terms of things that are important for people using the search and win sites.  Let me know if there is anything else that you think people are interested in knowing about when they are considering using a search and win site.


1.       What types of prizes are offered?

2.       Are the prizes offered at a reasonable value?

3.       How long does it take to receive a prize from this site?

Ease of Use

1.       Is the website easy to navigate?

2.       How easy is it to earn points?

Ability to Earn Rewards Quickly and Efficiently

1.       Are you able to earn prizes in a reasonable timeframe?

2.       Are you able to earn the points with only a small time commitment?

3.       Are the ways to earn points tedious?

4.       Are the points given at reasonable values for the prizes available?

5.       Summarize the time commitment to earning points.

Search Results

1.       Are the search results up to date?

2.       Do the sponsor search results overpower the actual search results?

3.       Are the search results relevant to your topic?

4.       How do the search results compare to google?

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