Swag Bucks 101

So, Swag Bucks is the first search and win site I’ve tried.  I started on January 22, 2010.  Since then, I have received $65 in Amazon.com gift cards.  I achieved this with minimal effort and I’ll show you how to do the same!

Ways to Earn Swag Bucks

  • Daily Searches– Simply go to the website and enter the topic you’re interested in searching in the box and then click Search the Web.  Sometimes, you are awarded Swag Bucks for searching.  I’d say people win the Swag Bucks on searches an average of about 3 times a day.  The amount of Swag Bucks you win varies each time.  This is the most common way to earn Swag Bucks.  An example of what it looks like to win is shown below.

  • Swagbucks TV– Swagbucks TV is a newer feature of the website.  It is a large collection of videos in all different categories.  After watching a video, 5 swagbucks are awarded randomly.  You don’t win everytime you watch a video, but you can win more than once a day.
  • Special Offers– In this section of the website, there are Offer Walls.  Under each of these walls is a list of tasks to be completed for a certain amount of swagbucks.  There are often offers to receive 2 swagbucks for watching a video on several of the different walls.  I am able to earn a large amount of  swagbucks by watching videos.
  • Trusted Surveys– This section contains surveys that can be completed for swagbucks.  You are awarded 1 swagbuck daily for just going to this section of the website.  So, often, in the morning, I open swagbucks and go to this section and see which surveys are being offered to me.
  • NOSO– This is the No obligation special offers section.  This is another section that I visit once every morning.  I click the Start Earning and then decline each of the offers.  After maybe 4-5 offers, you are awarded 1 swagbuck.
  • Coupons– This is a newer section of the website.  You are awarded swagbucks for every coupon you print out from this site and redeem in store.  It will take at least 8 weeks for swagbucks to show up in your account.  (Since its new, I have not been awarded any swagbucks.)
  • Daily Polls– This is another section that I visit daily.  You receive 1 swagbuck for answering a question to a poll.
  • Referrals– Another way to earn swagbucks without having to do much work is by getting referrals.  If you refer a friend to swagbucks, you will receive the same amount of swagbucks that they receive from searching the web up to 1,000 swagbucks.  This is a very easy way to increase your swagbucks.
  • Swagbucks Toolbar– The swagbucks toolbar is another way to receive 1 swagbucks each day.  After installing the toolbar, everyday when you open the internet, you are awarded 1 swagbuck.  I have to admit, I was hesitant to download the toolbar just because I didn’t know if it would be an annoying feature to have in my window.  I did eventually download it, and I don’t mind it at all. 
  • Swagcodes-For some reason, when I first started using swagbucks, I was confused by what the swagcodes were.  Swagcodes are codes found on the swagbucks website.  Often, a code is found in the blog or a hint to a swag code is found in the blog.  Swag codes are valid only for a short period of time.  Once found, you enter the code into the field under the words Enter your swag code.  These codes are case sensitive.  I will try to provide an update when a new swagcode is available.     


There are many many prizes in the swag store.  One popular prize is the $5 Paypal account.  My favorite prize is the $5 Amazon.com gift card.  After accumulating 450 swagbucks, you can then redeem them for a $5 Amazon.com gift card.  After you redeem your swag bucks for the gift card, swagbucks will send you an email asking you to confirm your prize.  Once confirmed, the gift cards usually take 15 days to post in your account (sometimes shorter).  To locate your e-gift card code, click on the top right portion of swagbucks.com under My Gift Cards.   

So that is what Swagbucks is all about!!  I’ll provide a formal review in my later posts. 

If you’re interested in signing up for swagbucks, go to

and fill in the information to start a new account.

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