How I use Swagbucks

For a search and win site to be worthwhile, I need to be able to minimize my time using it and maximize my rewards.  My morning routine is to open up 5 different sessions of internet explorer (Swagbucks is the homepage).  Since I have the swagbucks toolbar, I receive 1 swagbuck. 

Page 1: Search the web (I search for my email webpage.  Since I check my email first thing in the morning) 

Page 2: I open the Trusted Surveys section.  (1 swagbuck)

Page 3: I open the NOSO section and click through it.  (1 swagbuck)

Page 4: I open the Daily Polls section and answer the question. (1 swagbuck)

Page 5: Search the web (I usually search for a website that I read every morning)

Hopefully, by the second or third search I’ve won.  If not, I continue searching the web until I win swagbucks.  Then, I stop using the swagbucks search engine and continue on with my day. 

So today for example, I earned 14 swagbucks in my first 2 minutes of being online (Yes, I timed it just to see how long it took me. :))  I earned the 4 swagbucks from the daily offers and then I won 10 swagbucks for searching the web.  EASY PEASY!

Every few hours, I will enter in a few searches on Swagbucks until I win.  I find that spacing out the searches makes winning on the second or third search easier.  With this blog, I’m really interested in trying to see how much time I actually am on Swagbucks and how to maximize that time.

I recently found out another easy way to win swagbucks.  In the Special Offers section, they have offer walls.  On the Gambit and TrialPay walls, they usually have an offer to watch a video for 2-3 swagbucks.  On the Paymentwall, they have a section for the video offers.  Its very easy to just keep watching those videos and accumulate the swagbucks!

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